Where can I buy tickets online?

Tickets are available for purchase on our website. Simply click “LOCATIONS” in the top right side of the page to find your local theatre by state. From there you will be able to select dates and showtimes for your next trip to the movies!


I can’t find a showing for this weekend. What gives?

Our weekend showtimes are updated the Tuesday before each weekend. Certain exceptions are made for big premiere weekends, though! Check our website on Tuesdays for movie times for the upcoming weekend through the following Thursday.

I want to throw my next birthday party at the movies! How do I make this happen?

We have a special form on our website for guests wishing to host a party with us. Fill yours out here!


Are you hiring?

We’re always accepting applications! Download yours here and drop off at your local theatre.


I want to see a movie, but my theatre isn’t showing it. Why?

Look to the studios on this one! Film distributors pick and choose which films they release go to which theatres. If we COULD show every movie, we would!


That’s a drag! Will you EVER get this movie?

Maybe! Sometimes studios will premiere a movie as a “limited release,” meaning only a few hundred (of the THOUSANDS) of movie theatres will be able to screen it. If the movie gets great reviews, the studios will “expand” the release to other theatres like ours so more people can enjoy it!


I can’t figure out the seating chart when picking my seats in advance. Help?

Take a closer look at that chart! Do you see a long oval at the top of the chart? That’s the screen! If you pick seats closest to the oval, you’ll be closer to the screen.


I’m hosting a charity event, and I would love to give away movie passes as a raffle prize! Can you help?

We love giving back to the community that shapes our theatre. We request that all donation requests include an OFFICIAL Frank Theatres Donation Request Form, your organization’s 501(c)(3) form, as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope. Mail these materials to our corporate address:
Frank Entertainment Group
3801 PGA Blvd. STE600
Palm Beach Gardens , FL 33410


What’s an OFFICIAL Frank Theatres Donation Request Form?

This guy.


I reached out on your website, but never heard back. Did you forget me?

Never in a million years! We read all your comments and online reviews (the good, the bad AND the ugly) and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. Your spam inbox is your best friend; be sure to check there if you’re awaiting a response from us!


Rumor has it you’re opening a new theatre near me. Can you confirm?

The minute we smell a grand opening, we will shout it from the rooftops! We have quite a few locations in the works, and another several in the planning stages. Once we lock down a date, we’ll announce on all our social media channels, and maybe even a few print pages too!


Who are Rey’s parents?

We don’t know. Is Luke one of them? That’d be too easy, right? Five bucks says it’s Obi-Wan or something.


Okay, but what CAN you tell me about Star Wars?

Disney is SUPER tight lipped when it comes to their franchises! Everything is very hush-hush until the last possible minute. We tell our fellow fans what we know about tickets and premiere dates the minute we get that permission!


Tell me about your popcorn!

A true classic cinema snack! Our popcorn is naturally gluten free, made with corn kernels and cooking oil. Hold off on the butter and it’s a nice vegan treat, too! Our butter topping is made of soybean-based oil, with no trans-fats, cholesterol or sodium. It’s so yummy, you’ll want to get the largest size!


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